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The Best Garage Door Safety Tips

The Best Garage Door Safety Tips

Garage doors are obviously a feature that provides safety to the home, the people that reside there, and the property stored in the garageitself. However, it is also a heavy metal object that is under several hundred pounds of high tension. It can cause serious bodily harm and even death. Because of this harsh reality, garage door safety can not be taken lightly.

Keep Door Clear of Kids

The Best Garage Door Safety TipsAnyone who has kids knows that they love to play any and everywhere, including the garage. Kids are the most vulnerable to garage door accidents. The fascination of a metal object moving up and down all by itself can be quite overwhelming if you’re an eight year old. The best way to prevent your kids from being injured by the monstrous door is to prohibit any child’s play in and around the garage area. Explain to them the potential dangers that are involved.

Always Call a Professional

Many people try to cut corner and save a buck or two by trying to fix their door themselves. The issue could be major or minor. Sure, some repairs are small enough for anyone to do, but what if something goes wrong. As mentioned, its part and components such as thegarage door torsion springs are under high tension.

Adjusting those springs is quite simple if you follow the instruction, but if you fail to hold the inside cone in place with a torsion rod, it could snap and hit you in the face. A metal part powered by a few hundred pounds of tension striking you in the face doesn’t sound fun at all. The best way to ensure that you and your family stay out of harm’s way is to call a professional. Garage door repair Stockbridge suggests that you should at least call for a consultation before attempting to do any repairs yourself.

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